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This program aims to support the personal and professional development of women. It has been designed with the needs observed in women in mind, and how to better fulfill them. It allows women with little to no work experience, to learn the basics of Quebec society in order to find their place and integrate the culture.

The program includes workshops on culture and social norms, training on school, social and health systems, cultural integration activities and francization courses according to the needs of women. Small groups give participants the opportunity to start developing their own support system, while one-on-one meetings with a social worker enable each of these women to set and pursue their own goals. This program also allows for an internship and integration experience.

Programme content

- 11 weeks of workshops, cultural outings, guest speakers, information sessions, French classes, and other activities.

- Varied workshops and information sessions, depending on the women’s needs, such as :  labor rights and standards in Quebec, how to balance work and family life, understanding the values ​​of their new country, the job offers and interviews, etc.

- This programme’s focus is on skills development related to job search and employability.

- Socio-professional integration workshops

- Individual meetings and accompaniments


- The program has a total duration of 14 weeks, including 11 weeks of workshops and 3 weeks of internship at the insertion company Petites-Mains.

- From 9h to 12h, Monday to Friday, for a total of 15 hours per week.

- Discussion workshop in French (without examination)

- Allowances are offered for daycare fees, as well as half of 2 months of transport fees.


- Permanent residence, asylum seeker, naturalized citizen, accepted refugee

- Over the age of 18

- Without income or social assistance recipients.

- Candidates should be ready to engage in a 14-week program and pursue short and long term goals of returning to school and / or entering the job market at the end of the program.

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