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This programme helps immigrant women to plan a successful work integration by preparing for a better work-life balance.

This programme is designed to support immigrant families, including single mothers, to plan each step of your work integration process. Additionally, you will develop the skills required to ensure a long term job placement.

Through individual meetings you will be supported as you create your individual action plan, based on your individual needs. We will be there to support you, and you family, throughout the entire programme. 

Programme activities

- Individualized support, one-on-one meeting and follow-up.

- Group workshops and information sessions, such as: the realities of the Québec labour market, creating a winning CV, interview simulations, how to look for a job and self-esteem development.


- Support in planning a realistic work-family life balance.

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Admissibility requirements


- Permanent resident, naturalized citizen or accepted refugee.

- Be 18 years or older.

- Fonctional level in French.

- Recently arrived (less than 5 years).



- The number of meetings and workshops is flexible, to meet your needs.


- Meetings by telephone are possible. ​


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